Here are all of our tattoos. To get one, right-click the image, and then click 'save picture as...' and then use Tattoo Manager(remember to read the README.txt) to put it on to the game! If you want to request a tattoo, or just email me for another reason, then email me.

These tattoos are ones Dan made. These ones are Zodiac Symbols, or in other words, star signs, hold your mouse over each one to see it's name:

Aquarias Aries gemini Leo Libra Pisces Saggitarius Taurus Virgo scorpio capricorn cancer

These tattoos are ones Dan made:

These tattoos are ones Dan made, they are for countries, no biggie:

These tattoos are ones technically, Gugbe from BWmaps made, but Dan changed them to the right size and colour they are pics of Gugbe's ape: (with permission)

These were made by top tattooist:Kriztov

These tattoos are from BW Design:

I'm not sure where I got these ones, but they sure are good:

These are from BW Center:

These are from BW Vortex:



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