Tuesday, 21st Oct-October 2002

posted by Fragsta

*SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT* I have a special announcement to make. For all of you who still come to the site sometimes, which is about 30+ a day, not bad I suppose, I am telling you about a new thing to download on this site, a whole new kinda download: A BLACK AND WHITE SAVED GAME! You can download it here! Remember to read ALL of the README file, or things may go wrong!

Thursday, 21st September 2001

HAPPY BIRTHDAY...and goodbye...
posted by Frag_of_Lag

Well, It's our 2nd month Birthday, so a big happy birthday to us, but unfortnately, its time to say goodbye...
We have been running for 2 months now, we have had good times and bad, but we cannot go on any further. From this day forward, no longer will I or any of the other staff update the site. You may see me or Nexus, or both of us around in the future, but for now...goodbye. Its been fun folks, and now, a 10 second silence..........ok done...
Goodbye, from me, and good BWing!!!

Thursday, 13th September 2001

BWTP expecting...
posted by Frag_of_Lag

You should be expecting something very soon, something we have never done before. Also I am setting up the BWTP newsletter, incluing all the latest updates and tattoos, news and veiws, and a poll!!! If i can!

Thursday, 13th September 2001

posted by Frag_of_Lag

Well I'm sorry we haven't updated it is because....we are closing down...only kidding. Hey my condolences to all who lost someone in the disaster in ny. It sure was a horrible thing for anyone, even terrorists to do.

But, unfortulately, even in the terror of disasters, the show must go on. I am setting up a new "site" that is hosted by us, except I am running it. It is going to be called BW Testing Lab. Its is a place where tests on creatures and the game will be reported by...everyone! And also I have not given up on making a mod I will do it!!! Also, I am setting up a radio show on lycos talk radio Ok, c u all l8er!

Tuesday, 4th September 2001

B&W still kicks butt across the world!
posted by ChuckMan

Well B&W has been out for god knows how long and it is still winning awards globally! Guess it goes to show you how awesome this game is! And the awards are:
PC Game of the Year in Benelux (Power Unlimited) - 'Black & White' (Electronic Arts)
PC Game of the Year in East Europe (CD Action) 'Black & White' (Electronic Arts)
PC Game of the Year in Germany (PC Games) 'Black & White' (Electronic Arts)
PC Game of the Year in Italy ( 'Black & White' (Electronic Arts)
PC Game of the Year in Scandinavia (PC Hemma) 'Black & White' (Electronic Arts)
PC Game of the Year in Spain (Solo 'Black & White' (Electronic Arts)

I'm back!
posted by Nexus

Hey everyone I'm back so I'll be able to post more! As you can see, we've now started to post news from around the Black and White community. We've got some quite new tattoos so be sure to check them out! .

More News, but this time for Creature Island
posted by Frag_of_Lag

More news from PC-IGN News about this time...bw2. Here is a quote from this news report:

"The idea behind the sequel is that the world has moved on. The villagers have a little bit more technology now, and they're more warlike. Fighting has broken out between the tribes. As a god, you're stuck in the middle of the ensuing war, and you have to choose which side you want to support. "I really like the idea of these huge, quite vicious wars going on, and you as a god returning to this land that you left in peace at the end of Black & White having to choose a side," explains Peter."

You should read the rest it looks quite interesting... .

More News, but this time for Creature Island
posted by Frag_of_Lag

Also revealed at ECTS yesterday, more details about creature Island. I got this little quote from PC-IGN News

"Peter nonchalantly opened up the demonstration with the blunt statement, "Overwhelmingly what the fans said is they'd like to see their creature have sex with another creature." With that said, Peter explained that the ultimate objective of Creature Isle is to breed with a female creature."

The creature added is one we were all hoping for...the crocodile. I was also hoping for an armadillo, or a hamster, but...oh well! check out the full article!

BTW:I've updated the tats page, so now there are another 9 new tats, made with the help of Gugbe, from BW Maps .

Monday, 3rd September 2001

posted by Frag_of_Lag

Its official, BW2 is official, it was announced at ECTS today! It is planned for release in 18 months! Apparently, according to BW Center...

"The game will be much more focused on the fighting and battle side of gameplay than its predecessor Black and White. This should lead to larger more tactical battles between many creatures and the one god must choose who to follow and trust. It also appears new creatures will be available for us in Black and White 2, what creatures are unknown at current but we shall keep you updated as news rolls in."

and so will we! BW also won a ECTS award along with Gran Turismo, they won 10 'coveted' stars between them. .

posted by Frag_of_Lag

Well done, Chucman, glad you are staying with us. Well, I'm currently working on some new Tattoos, no one steal this idea. I'm doing tats that are like body rings. You'll see. Also, I am reporting that there is a new BW "club" on the block! BW Daily Play. You want info? This is what they said, and I quote:

"The Daily Play is a group or club, Not a clan. It may seem similar but it is not. The members are required to play at least one game every day, or as close to that as possible. Weekly Reports will be made for public viewing. In these detailed reports you will see picture taken from our staff photographers. This is a friendly organization no discriminations will be made. No ranking will be done due to the fact that this is for player growth, its a training center to sum it up. So if you are sick of losing, and you play everyday, then look no further this could be your ticket to number one."

Good, idea, badly designed site, but it looks to have good expectations, omly in early stages... but, that is how we started. More News: BW 4 Dummies is holding a Mascot Contest...I just found out! Also PBW have a great new POTD! It's really funny! I think I'll try and get a POTD thing up-and-running, just email me your pics! .

posted by ChuckMan

Hey this is Chuck man! Sorry about all that time away, I was having some internet problems. I hope to be a good memeber to the BWTP team! So hi! I'll hopefully have some news to report by the end of today! See ya!.

New Tats
posted by Frag_of_Lag

I just added 68 new Tattoos 65 of which were by the famous tattooist, Kriztov, who for 1 day worked for us, but was too busy with his clan! Check em out!

BW Community Update
posted by Frag_of_Lag

Well, there are some updates on the way of the Black and White Community! First:
The second version of BW Collection has been released, and it is a quite big file, weighing 4.2 mb. It has been released with a additional file, a skin pack! Yep and it has 120 skins in it meaning it is a whopping 22 mb!!!!! Check it out
New Primevil skins:

  • An ape with a leopard skin
  • An ape with a gorilla skin
  • An ape wearing a Union Bay tank top
Other New ones are:
  • Dark red Evil Lion
  • Greedy Monkey Hand skin
  • Jacket wearing Leopard
Also, I will soon be doing some Tattoo updates, yes I know first in a long time, probably today, but there won't be many! Sorry!

Sunday, 2nd September 2001

posted by Frag_of_Lag

I was over a BW Nation and noticed something I had never noticed before. Madlibs. They are really funny, I wrote this:

"Once upon a time, in a giant jumping jamboree, far, far, off, lived a flying pig named A. A wanted to sail around the world, because he had lived in the same old village all his life. So A and his 2 friends, B and C, decided they wanted to build a sailboat and sail around the world. They pleaded to their God, D, Give us food, and wood for a boat, we will be very grateful! D was a very water-loving God and did nothing but threw his creature all day. But being in a psycho mood that day, D gave them the food and wood they needed for their boat.

Their boat turned out to be bouncy and everyone in town ran away from and followed by it! The last night before their departure, the villagers flew over their boat. The next morning, they ate breakfast quickly, said goodbye to everyone, and ran off to their boat, which they named E. A, B, and C sailed off, not knowing that later they would be jumped on by a creature named F. Eventually, they came back home, and lived happily ever after."

Isn't that so funny, check it out here!

Thursday, 30th August 2001

posted by Frag_of_Lag

Firstly, I'm just telling everyone that I have changed my name to Frag_of_Lag. That is my name on the PBW and all Gamespy forums. It is also my name on everything Gamespy!. Secondly, forget about the idea of hosting, too complicated! Anyway, we apologize for the lack of updating, escpecially since the old designs are still up, what a shame! I'll try and get Nexus to update it as soon as possible, or I could try it, though I am stil in Greece you have to remember! It's not that easy! Anyway, I have found some interesing and useful news on the PBW website! The add-on pack does not require that you complete the single-player game before you can install and use it! WHOOOO! Anywayz thats all, i'm gonna try and update a bit to the new design. That is all! Oh wait no: the maps page is down at the moment, I will fix it as soon as I get back to England! And also i have updated the staff page!

Monday, 27th August 2001

posted by Dan

I've been ponderng this idea for quite some time now.....I thought, that since everyone else is doing it too, why shouldn't we? HOSTING! I have tested to see if it would work, and it does. Just go here to see the start of a new site. You could be the ones running it! If you want to run it, tell me. And when you tell me, say if you like the name BWedit, because i think it is good because I was hoping for a hosted site that was for for mods and stuff and editors and all that stuff. But you realise, you must be willing to run this site properly! You should have good HTML skills too!

posted by Dan

Hi, I'm only kidding, its me dan. Hey I'm in Greece and I'm having a great time. Anywayz, I was just lying down on the beach, soaking up some rays, and suddenly, this woman walks past, and she's got no top on, and I can see her great huge tits! I mean, whats up with Europe, the women are always going round in the nude(not that i mind)! I saw 5 women and girls with no top on, and the only fit one's were on their fronts, oh well! I just saw them! Ok, c u l8er I'm off!

A new member joins us!
posted by Nexuspheimus

Sorry for the lack of news posts recently, we've been sorting out new staff members for the site. Anyway I'd like to introduce you to our first new staff member, ChuckMan.
He's our news reporter and our first tattoo and map rater! I'll let him introduce himslef...

Friday, 24th August 2001

posted by Dan

Sorry I haven't updated lately, I've been busy and I won't be on for another week starting 2morrow. I'm going to greece for a week, wish me luck!.

Wednesday, 22nd August 2001

A few changes
posted by Nexuspheimus

If you've noticed already, all the links lead to our old design's pages. I am converting them to the new design right now so you may have trouble accessing them for a while. Anyway, please bear with us and the site will be fully completed! .

Tuesday, 21st August 2001

A new layout!
posted by Nexuspheimus

This was my little surprise, a whole new layout! This will be our definate layout for a while. Now that the design issue is over we are concentrating on hiring more staff to help us create tattoos, maps and more. If interested contact me or Dan. .

Monday, 20th August 2001

posted by Dan

Just testing to see if I can post news easily! This is a great new design, eh? It turns out tripod do accept tables and Nexus made a mistake in his design before! YES! .

Saturday, 18th August 2001

Oh, no....not another design topic!
posted by Nexuspheimus

Here's what we're doing about the site design. The current design by Dan will remain up until further notice. Because of our reopening we have cancelled the competition, but we are still accepting your designs to see if they can do up. Since the design issue is resolved for now, we are on a TATTOO RAMPAGE!! We have currently been slipping in tattoo entiries and this is a tattoo parlour! Like Dan said, we also need to recruit some staff to help us and if you need to show off your tattoo designing skills comeon over! For any questions, comments, etc. e-mail me or Dan.

posted by Dan

We are currently looking for staff. We need dedicated Tattooists and Map-makers and new people and article writers. They preferably should have some or a lot of experience with html, and mabye tripod. It is also relevant that they have past land 1 on bw and done all the tutorials! You must be willing to update at as much as possible, and must be dedicated to your work. For tattoo artists, please, it is preferred that you have more than a bit of experience with tattoos! Please send me an email with your nickname, preferred email adress, any sites you have previously worked on and what job you would like. We also want you to write what you could do for the site. Thank you!

Friday, 17th August 2001

I over-reacted, sorry!
posted by Dan

Everyone out there you probably think I'm some big freak, well I did act like one. I'd like to apologize to ACDC and Catachan for my immature attitude. Forget telling Catachan what to host, we're popular enough, you're reading this, right, so I rest my case. This doesn't mean I'm not going to allow you to send in your stuff, check out the submit stuff page!

The Rebirth
posted by Dan

This is the biggest thing we have faced yet! All you people out there who would love to see this site in pbw gimme your tattoos, because this site is going tattoo crazy for the next week and beyond. We must beat ACDC, he must not be officially hosted by PBW, this is the final chance we have to take my our rightful places, so help us, people, help us! Tell catachan to host us and not BW Tattoos, you must, please!

Thursday, 16th August 2001

Change of plan
posted by Dan

Ok, me and Nexus have decided that you should send in your designs! Yes you! We want your designs. They must be done in easy-to-edit HTML made from notepad. We cannot accept site with tables as they are not allowed with tripod. The best 5 entries (chosen by us) will be put in the poll, along with ours, and the public will be allowed to view them. The winning designer will also get a chance to become a staff member of BWTP if he/she chooses. If the winning design is one of ours, the design with the most vote byt the public's designer will become our staff member. eg.
if 1st place: Dans new design
2nd place:? new design
then ? gets to be a staff member
Please include your name or nickname along your email address if you please. All entries must be in by 21st of August or they will not be accepted unless they are really good! Please do not vote anymore til we allow it!

Do you like it?
posted by Dan

Well, do you like this design? If you like this one more than any of the previous ones, click here and place your vote. On 23rd August, 2001, the results will be said, and the winning design will go up!


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